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Tearing Down Walls


In the Western world, the Fall of the Berlin Wall symbolised of the end of the Cold War. It was soon followed by the collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the establishment of new democratic governments in Central and Eastern Europe.

These events raised the questions: Was there still a need for NATO? What was the Alliance’s future?

In this episode we discuss the way NATO answered these questions.

Our guests recall the hectic events following the end of the Cold War.


HOSTS: Dr Stella Adorf, Master Sergeant Alex Burnett, Dr Linda Risso

GUESTS: Jamie Shea, Michael Ruehle, Carmen Romero


NATO Declassified: The Fall of the Wall

Opportunities outweigh risks, Speech by Secretary General Manfred Wörner: 6 August 1989;isad  

The Alliance: A Key Player in the future. Speech by Secretary General Manfred Wörner. 26 October 1989

NATO and a new European Order. Speech by Secretary General, Manfred Wörner, 19 April 1990


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