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NATO becomes Operational


In the 1990s, NATO became operational for the first time in its 40-year history. The operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and later in Kosovo were a transformative experience for the Alliance. These were out-of-area engagements with new political and operational challenges. 

 In this episode a former NATO spokesperson recalls the key events that marked NATO’s involvement in the Balkans. 

HOSTS: Dr. Stella Adorf, Master Sergeant Alex Burnett, Dr. Linda Risso 

GUESTS: Jamie Shea, Michael Ruehle, Carmen Romero 


Statement on the Situation in Former Yugoslavia, 30 May 1995 

Statement on Bosnia-Herzegovina, 5 December 1995 

Press Conference on Transfer of Authority to IFOR Opening Statement, 20 December 1995 

Declaration by the North Atlantic Council on IFOR's role in the transition to peace, 29 April 1996 

Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the situation in Albania, 13 March 1997 

Special Declaration on Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8 July 1997 

Political and Military Objectives of NATO Action with regard to the crisis in Kosovo, 23 March 1999

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