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Allied National Exercises

Current as of December 2, 2020

Please note: Due to COVID-19 it is possible that exercises have been changed, reduced or cancelled by either the organising NATO HQ or the organising Nation.



To exercise to exercise Crisis Response and Tactical Command and Control

5 - 16 January 2012Germany

ALLIED SPIRIT 21 - National (USA)

To promote interoperability and integration of NATO, Allied and Coalition partners and to facilitate multinational forces.

12 January - 6 FebruaryGermany

SPARTAN ALLIANCE 21-1 - National (USA)

The goal is to provide Coalition partners persistent connectivity over the Combined Federated Battle Laboratories Network (CFBL-Net) for daily unit-led training.

1 - 28 FebruaryGermany


To maintain and improve the ability of Brigade Commander and Brigade staffs in conducting the Operational Planning Procedures (OPP) and write the Operation Order (OPORD).

26 January - 3 FebruaryDenmark

SCHNELLER DEGEN 2021 - National (DEU)

To produce full qualification for the management of land operations in the entire intensity spectrum (joint/combined structures/complex, dynamic and hybrid operational environment), ability preservation over personnel change

22 February - March 4Germany and Lithuania

POSEIDON 21 - National (ROU)

To promote mutual understanding, confidence, interoperability and defence cooperation among participating nations; to enhance operational capabilities and readiness of all participants; to exercise NATO maritime warfare procedures and tactics in a joint interagency, multinational environment; to exercise NATO maritime procedures for command, control and communications.

1 - 16 MarchRomania


Multinational Exercise focused on Multinational unified land operations and promotes both the interoperability and integration of multinational partners.

29 March - 28 AprilGermany

SZENTES AXE 21 - National (HUN)

To train the engineer companies in complex situations day and night and to prepare the staff of the Battalion Battle Group for operations with engineer elements.

1 - 30 April (TBD)Hungary

HUNTER 21 - National (LTU)

To train anti-tank weapon gunners and anti-tank units. Increase their proficiency to use anti-tank weapon systems and improve the level of interoperability of multinational forces.

1 - 30 April (TBD)Lithuania

SPARTAN WARRIOR 21-2 - National (USA)

To exercise Crisis Response and tactical Command and Control.

5 - 16 AprilGermany

JOINT WARRIOR I 21 - National (GBR)

To provide a joint, multi-threat environment in which UK, NATO and ALLIED units and their staff may undertake collective training in tactical formations in preparation for employment in a combined joint task force.

26 April - 5 MayUnited Kingdom

ESP MINEX 21 - National (ESP)

To improve cooperation and effectiveness of allied Mine Countermeasures (MCM) units and Staffs in expeditionary MCM operations in a crisis scenario.

26 April - 7 MaySpain

WIND SPRING 21 - National (ROU)

To maintain the operational capacity of Division and subordinated Brigade HQ to plan and execute joint and multinational military operation.

2 - 27 MayRomania

DYNAMIC FRONT 21 - National (USA)

Combined Joint Fires exercise to integrate NATO, US, and partnered European firing units to train together

3 - 18 MayGermany


To train integration of Artillery and Mortar fires and liaison between Artillery and Mortar units in defensive operation.To enhance interoperability among participating NATO fire support units.

14 - 25 MayLithuania

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