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Allied National Exercises

Current as of May 6, 2020

Please note: Due to COVID-19 it is possible that exercises have been changed, reduced or cancelled by either the organising NATO HQ or the organising Nation.


DEFENDER 20 - National (USA)

Division level tactical exercise.

27 April - 22 MayBaltics

IT MINEX 20 - National (ITA)

To train participating staffs, ship’s crew, in planning, conducting and analyzing MCM (Mine Counter Measures) operations in a realistic scenario.

1 - 31 May (TBD)Italy

DYNAMIC Front 20 - National (USA)

NATO, US, and Partner Nations conducting Joint Fire exercises at the tactical level.

2 - 8 MayGermany

EFES 20 - National (TUR)

To train participating units and staff in planning and conducting combined joint operations.

4 May - 12 JuneTurkey

EAGLE TALON 20 - National (POL)

To improve command and control systems of Air Component Command.

5 - 8 MayPoland

MARE APERTO 20 - National (ITA)

To conduct advanced integrated training characterized by serial events focused on Anti-submarine Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Seamanship, Maritime Interdiction Operation in order to enhance staffs and participating forces training.

11 - 22 MayItaly

ANAKONDA 20 - National (POL)

To synchronize the PAF Operational COM's subordinate commands and formations in planning and conducting joint defence operations.

11 - 26 MayPoland

BALTOPS 20 - National (USA)

Maritime PfP annual military exercise in the Baltic Sea and the regions surrounding it.

7 - 19 JunePoland

SABER STRIKE 20 - National (USA)

Company land Brigade level exercise.

6 - 22 JuneEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

SARMIS 20 - National (ROU)

Maintain the operational capacity of Division and subordinated Brigade HQ to plan and execute joint and multinational military operations in a mountain operational environment.

7 - 19 JuneRomania

FLOTEX 20 - National (ESP)

Enhance the collective crisis response operations in order to train generic naval tasks such as maritime power projection, sea control and maritime security awareness.

14 - 25 JuneSpain

IRON WOLF I 20 - National (LTU)

Train to plan and conduct decisive action operations and enhance the level of interoperability of multinational forces.

6 - 22 JuneLithuania

ARIADNE 20 - National (GRC)

To train participating staff and units in conducting MCM (Mine Counter Measures) Operations, enhance the cooperation level and improve mutual training and interoperability among participating nations.

18 - 26 JuneGreece

PLATINUM LION 20 - National (BGR)

To improve operational and tactical interoperability of participating units and commands and to enhance interagency cooperation.

8 - 20 JulyBulgaria


To exercise Crisis Response and Tactical Command and Control.

5 - 16 JulyGermany

FALZAREGO 20 - National (ITA)

Mountain movement and combat (level squad/platoon/coy); evaluate CASEVAC (Casualty Evacuation) and MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) TTPs (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) in a mountain environment.

1 - 5 JulyItaly

BREEZE 20 - National (BGR)

To enhance the interoperability on the tactical level among participating naval units and staffs in conducting conventional and non-conventional warfare procedures; to improve the level of interagency coordination.

10 - 19 JulyBulgaria

NORTHERN COAST 2020 - National (DEU)

NOCO 20 portrays a maritime heavy operation incorporating all naval domains in order to provide primary warfare area training from Task Force to Unit level within a high threat and littoral environment. The multinational participation will enhance interoperability, mitigate operational gaps and provide synergy effects. Finally, this exercise is aimed to strengthen the cooperation amongst the Navies in the Baltic Region.

20 August - 10 SeptemberBaltic Sea

AMPLE STRIKE 20 - National (CZE)

To provide full spectrum, realistic, live/virtual training to Air Land Integration (ALI) elements in order to provide a measurable increase in proficiency, standardisation and interoperability. Primary training audience includes Air Land Integration (ALI) elements, specifically Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) and Close Air Support (CAS) Aircrews.

28 August - 19 SeptemberCzech Republic

ISTRIA II 20 - National (ROU)

To practice NATO Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures associated with Air Defence (AD), Suppression of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD), Close Air Support (CAS) and Air Interdiction (AI) in an international and joint environment, as real as possible.

30 August - 29 SeptemberRomania

KORMORAN 20 - National (POL)

To examine subordinated HQs and units to plan and execute maritime SAR (Sea Air Rescue) operation and ASW (Antisubmarine Warfare) operation in cooperation with Navy, Police and other non-military units.

31 August - 17 SeptemberPoland

DETONATOR 20 - National (LVA)

Tactical level exercise for Land Force/National Guard EOD/ENG units. The exercise/operation objectives are to search for and dispose of conventional ammunition (CM) in appointed areas within land territory of Latvia and promote interoperability and support familiarization of engineer and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) tactics, training and procedures among the participating units.

31 August - 30 SeptemberLatvia

POSEIDON 20 - National (BGR)

To improve tactical level planning of MCM (Mine Counter Mesures) operations, and to enhance interoperability, cooperation and mutual understanding of participating units and commands.

1 September - 30 OctoberBulgaria

BRAVE WARRIOR 20 - National (HUN)

To achieve NATO interoperability; To train and exercise Bn BG HQs and units to provide command and control within a Crises Response Operation (CRO) and High Intensity Warfare (HIW) in order to fight and win in a complex multinational environment; To prepare the Battalion Battle Group for full spectrum of operations in order to reach combat ready capability; To practice cooperation with Air Force assets and supporting forces.

1 September - 30 OctoberHungary

STORM TIDE 20 - National (BEL)

The purpose of STORM TIDE is to increase the ability to conduct joint operations on tactical level and to deepen the interoperability with international partners.

13 - 24 SeptemberBelgium

BRAVE LION 20 - National (DNK)

Brigade level field exercise. The aim is to train interoperability and combined arms.

21 September - 2 OctoberDenmark

CETATEA 20 - National (ROU)

To plan, execute and test the communications, IT and cyber defense networks in a multinational environment, in order to increase the interoperability between CIS structures on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance.

27 September - 15 OctoberRomania


Multinational CIMIC (Civil Military Cooperation) Exercise to train core functions on Staff and Field Level, together with international Partners to strengthen the CIMIC community in order to certify NATO- and EU-CIMIC forces.

28 September - 10 OctoberGermany

SILVER ARROW 20 - National (LVA)

Train and exercise Battalion Battle groups, their formations, planning and conducting tactical activities within a major combat scenario to enhance command and control procedures, coordination and mutual support during operations.

30 September - 30 October (TBD)Latvia


To exercise Crisis Response and tactical Command and Control.

5 - 16 OctoberGermany

JOINT WARRIOR II 20 - National (GBR)

Provide a joint, multi-threat environment in which UK, NATO and ALLIED units and their staff may undertake collective training in tactical formations in preparation for employment in a combined joint task force.

10 - 23 OctoberUnited Kingdom


Train the USEUCOM staff and primary components in full spectrum high intensity conflict.

14 - 23 OctoberGermany and Italy

CELULEX 20 - National (PRT)

To plan and conduct CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) missions in a civil-emergency environment at a tactical level. The exercise is based on isolated incidents focusing CBRN threats and includes training/simulated CBRN substances/agents.

19 - 23 OctoberPortugal

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