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Allied National Exercises

Event with DescriptionDatesLocation

SHABLA 19 - National (BGR) exercise

To conduct joint bilateral air defence firing, to improve operational and tactical interoperability.

15 June - 15 July (TBD)Bulgaria

SPARTAN WARRIOR III 19 - National (USA) exercise

AOC, CRC, tactical C2 exercise.

5 - 17 JulyGermany

BREEZE 19 - National (BGR) exercise

To enhance the interoperability on tactical level among participating naval units and staffs in conducting conventional and non-conventional warfare procedures; To improve the level of interagency coordination and refinement of cooperation with GOs/NGOs.

12 - 21 JulyBulgaria

PLATINUM LION 19 - National (BGR) exercise

Company to Battalion-level PKO/COIN event designed to provide quality, organized, realistic training for designated military units. Utilizing expertise from USMC and NATO Allies in order to build partner nation capacity, reinforce relationships in a joint training environment and increase interoperability of allied/partner forces.

21 July - 3 AugustBulgaria

COMBINED RESOLVE XXII 19 - National (USA) exercise

Develop RAF/NRF capabilities in and FCX/LFX force-onforce focusing on multinational Unified Land Operations using NATO Standard Operating Procedures.

27 July - 29 August (TBD)Germany

AMPLE STRIKE 19 - National (CZE) exercise

To provide full spectrum, realistic, live/virtual training to Air Land Integration (ALI) elements in order to provide a measurable increase in proficiency, standardization and interoperability.

28 August - 17 SeptemberCzech Republic

ISTRIA II 19 - National (ROU) exercise

To practice NATO Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures associated with Air Defense (AD), Suppression of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD), Close Air Support (CAS) and Air Interdiction (AI) in an international and joint environment.

31 August - 29 SeptemberRomania

CZECH LION 19 - National (CZE) exercise

To exercise crisis response operational and tactical tasks in order to exercise, train and evaluate the ability of the commanders and staffs to plan and conduct operations under High intensity warfare scenario.

1 September -1 OctoberCzech Republic

DETONATOR 19 - National (LVA) exercise

Tactical level exercise for Land Force/National Guard EOD/ENG units. The exercise/operation objectives are to search for and dispose of conventional ammunition (CM) in appointed areas within land territory of Latvia and promote interoperability and support familiarization of engineer and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) tactics, training and procedures among the participating units.

2 - 15 SeptemberLatvia

Engineer Thunder 19 - National (LTU) exercise

To conduct engineer Countermobility, Mobility, Survivability, General engineering tasks during military operations, while supporting manoeuver units in FIBUA and defensive operations.

4 - 13 SeptemberLithuania

NORTHERN COASTS 19 - National (DEU) exercise

To enhance MN cooperation of maritime forces in coastal waters.

7 - 18 SeptemberGermany

ALBANIAN EFFORT 19 - National (ALB) exercise

The purpose of the exercise will be to increase regional and wider cooperation as well as increase the interoperability of ALB military units with those of NATO countries and partner countries while conducting CRO/Peace Enforcement operations.

9 - 16 SeptemberAlbania

TOXIC VALLEY 19 - National (SVK) exercise

To train sampling teams and laboratory crews in sampling and identification of chemical agents in conditions close to operational needs.

9 - 21 SeptemberSlovakia

SUMMER TEMPEST 19 - National (ITA) exercise

Plan and conduct an offensive/defensive operation in an art 5 scenario or crisis response operation

10 - 28 SeptemberItaly

REAL THAW 19 - National (PRT) exercise

Real Thaw 2019 will be a Large Force Exercise on a joint and combined framework and is designed to allow Portuguese and Allied Squadrons to training and practice a vast range of battlefield missions, facing day and night operations in a high intensity joint setting enhancing tactics development and validation.

23 September - 4 OctoberPortugal

CETATEA 19 - National (ROU) exercise

To plan, execute and test the communications, IT and cyber defence networks in a multinational environment, in order to increase the interoperability between CIS structures on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance.

24 September - 4 OctoberRomania

KORMORAN-19 - National (POL) exercise

To examine subordinated HQs and units to plan and execute maritime SAR operation, MPA operation and ASW operation in cooperation with Navy, Police and other non-military units.

30 September - 4 OctoberPoland

SILVER ARROW 19 - National (LVA) exercise

Train and exercise Battalion Battle groups, their formations, planning and conducting tactical activities within a major combat scenario to enhance command and control procedures, coordination and mutual support during operations.

1 - 10 OctoberLatvia

SPARTAN WARRIOR IV 19 - National (USA) exercise

AOC, CRC, tactical C2 exercise.

5 -17 OctoberGermany

HARPOON 19 - National (HRV) exercise

Training for HRV Navy HQ, and Subordinate Units, other CAF Unit Commands in planning and execution of maritime operations (classic and assymetric threats).

6 - 24 OctoberCroatia

JOINT WARRIOR II 19 - National (GBR) exercise

To provide a joint, multi-threat environment in which UK, NATO and ALLIED units and their staff may undertake collective training in tactical formations in preparation for employment in a combined joint task force.

7 - 17 OctoberUnited Kingdom

SARMIS 19 - National (ROU) exercise

To maintain the operational capacity of DIV and subordinated Bde HQ to plan and execute joint and multinational military operation in mountain operational environment.

7 - 18 OctoberRomania

FLOTEX 19 - National (ESP) exercise

To enhance the collective crisis response operations in order to train generic naval tasks such as maritime power projection, sea control and maritime security awareness.

8 - 19 OctoberSpain

CETATEA 19 - National (ROU) exercise

To plan, execute and test the communications, IT and cyber defense networks in a multinational environment, in order to increase the interoperability between CIS structures on the Eastern Flank of the Alliance.

9 - 18 OctoberRomania

MARE APERTO 19 -2 - National (ITA) exercise

To conduct advanced integrated training characterised by serial events focused on ASW, AAW, EW, Seamanship, MIO, Amph, NGF and CAS (dry) IOT enhance staffs and participating forces training. 

14 - 25 OctoberItaly

CELTIC STORM 19 - National (DEU) exercise

To consolidate diverse capabilities and skills needed in a high-intensity operation.

28 October - 8 NovemberGermany

THUNDER SHIELD 19 - National (LTU) exercise

Coordinate the renewed National defence plan, Mobilization Plan of Armed Forces with other institutions’ plans, on LTU Armed Forces and national state institutions conducting defence alone as well as cooperating with incoming allied forces.

1 - 30 NovemberLithuania

IRON WOLF II 19 - National (LTU) exercise

Train and Assess Multinational BN battle groups abilities to plan and conduct Defence/ Offence in Decisive action environment and improve the level of interoperability of multinational forces.

10 - 21 NovemberLithuania

BRAVE LION 19 - National (DNK) exercise

BDE level field exercise. The aim is to train interoperability and combined arms training.

11 - 22 NovemberDenmark

NIRIIS 19 - National (GRC) exercise

To train participants in Maritime OPS, MIO, Countering Asymmetric Attacks and Counter Piracy OPS.

23 November-1 Decemb3erGreece

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