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Allied National Exercises

Event with DescriptionDatesLocation

LAILAPS - National (GRC)

To enhance operational readiness.

10 - 13 DecemberGreece

Spartan Warrior I 20 - National (USA)

To exercise Crisis Response and Tactical Command and Control

5 - 16 JanuaryGermany


Infiltration tasks execution by performing parachute jumps

1 March - 30 April (TBD)Bulgaria

COLD RESPONSE 20 - National (NOR)

The aim will be to maintain and retain military capabilities through exercising high-intensity operations in a joint and combined setting under challenging conditions, focusing on joint action and interoperability.

8 - 19 March Norway


Develop capabilities focusing on multinational Unified Land Operations using NATO Standard Operating Procedures.

16 March - 21 AprilGermany

WIND SPRING 20 - National (ROU)

To maintain the operational capacity of Divisional and subordinated Brigade HQ's to plan and execute joint and multinational military operations, to maintain the capabilities to plan, prepare, execute and evaluate an defensive operation in a joint and multinational environment.

22 March - 9 AprilRomania

SEA SHIELD 20 - National (ROU)

To promote mutual understanding, confidence, interoperability and defence cooperation among participating nations, to enhance operational capabilities and readiness of all participants; to exercise NATO maritime warfare procedures and tactics in a joint interagency, multinational environment; to exercise NATO maritime procedures for command, control and communications.

26 March - 5 AprilRomania

JOINT WARRIOR I 20 - National (GBR)

Provide a joint, multi-threat environment in which the UK, NATO and Allied units and their staff may undertake collective training in tactical formations in preparation for employment in a combined joint task force.

27 March - 9 AprilUnited Kingdom

FLAMING SWORD 20 - National (LTU)

To exercise national SOF (Special Operations Forces) and NATO / Allies interaction during transition from peacetime to wartime. Regional SOF exercise with the aim to enhance the Baltic Region’s and allies’ SOF interoperability during collective defence operations in the Baltic Region.

1 - 30 April (TBD)Latvia, Lithuania


To exercise Crisis Response and tactical Command and Control.

5 - 16 AprilGermany


To train integration of Artillery and Mortar fires and liaison between Artillery and Mortar units in defensive operation. Enhance interoperability amongst participating NATO fire support units.

13 - 24 AprilLithuania

Swift Blade 20 - National (BEL)

The aim is to enhance interoperability at the tactical level between helicopter units by using them in a combined joint, realistic and challenging environment.

13 - 30 AprilBelgium and the Netherlands

ESP MINEX 20 - National (ESP)

To improve cooperation and effectiveness of allied MCM (Mine Counter Measures) units and Staffs in expeditionary MCM Operations in a crisis scenario.

27 April- 8 MaySpain


To train CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) collection centres in CBRN countermeasures and reporting.

25 - 29 AprilDenmark

DEFENDER 20 - National (USA)

Division level tactical exercise.

27 April - 22 MayBaltics

IT MINEX 20 - National (ITA)

To train participating staffs, ship’s crew, in planning, conducting and analyzing MCM (Mine Counter Measures) operations in a realistic scenario.

1 - 31 May (TBD)Italy

DYNAMIC Front 20 - National (USA)

NATO, US, and Partner Nations conducting Joint Fire exercises at the tactical level.

2 - 8 MayGermany

EAGLE TALON 20 - National (POL)

To improve command and control systems of Air Component Command.

5 - 8 MayPoland

MARE APERTO 20 - National (ITA)

To conduct advanced integrated training characterized by serial events focused on Anti-submarine Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Seamanship, Maritime Interdiction Operation in order to enhance staffs and participating forces training.

11 - 22 MayItaly

ANAKONDA 20 - National (POL)

To synchronize the PAF Operational COM's subordinate commands and formations in planning and conducting joint defence operations.

11 - 26 MayPoland

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