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Allied National Exercises and Activities

Current as of May 13, 2022

Please note: Due to COVID-19 it is possible that exercises have been changed, reduced or cancelled by either the organising NATO HQ or the organising Nation.


ARROW 22 (Partner Nation)

ARROW 22 is a Partner Nation LIVEX. The purpose of the exercise to enhance mechanized units operational and procedural performance, and to develop interoperability with participating forces. Demonstrate the ability to cooperate with partner focus. Develop HNS-capabilities and logistical support to visiting forces.

2 - 16 May Finland

IRON WOLF I - 2022

Brigade-level field training exercise conducted to assess Multinational BN battlegroups abilities to plan and conduct military operations in decisive action environment and improve the level of interoperability of multinational forces.

2 - 20 May Lithuania


Italian-led joint, maritime focused exercise open to Allied and NATO countries with the aim of enhancing the participating assets' combat readiness.

3 - 27 May Tyrrhenian Sea and Sardinia


US Army-led, multinational exercise involving paratroopers from different NATO Allies. The exercise will conduct Joint Forcible Entry (Airborne Operation) to improve US Immediate Response Force (IRF) readiness, promote interoperability and integration Allied High Readiness Forces, and will support NATO assurance and deterrence measures.

5 - 24 May North Macedonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia and Norway


United States Army Europe (USAREUR) will direct multinational exercise focused on multinational unified land operations and promote both the interoperability and integration of multinational partners. Exercise consists of a brigade command post exercise (CPX), fire coordination exercise and combined arms life fire exercise (CALFEX) within a Field Training Exercise (FTX).

5 - 27 May Germany


WETTINER HEIDE 2022 is a Field Training eXercise (FTX) which is designed to train VJTF.

7 - 22 May Germany


Air exercise to train units for COMAO (Composite Air Operation) missions.

9 - 20 May Greece


Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 22 will demonstrate the U.S. military's ability to rapidly deploy a large, combat-credible force of soldiers and equipment from the United States to Europe in support of both the U.S. National Defense Strategy and objectives defined by NATO, strengthen partnerships, to build readiness within the Alliance and deter potential adversaries. The U.S. and its European Allies and Partners will demonstrate their ability to receive and move a U.S. division-sized force, quickly build combat power, and execute command and control of the force. DEFENDER-Europe 22 will culminate with a multinational division river crossing in northeast Poland. Once deployed in Europe, forces of the exercise will then be allocated to a number of other Joint Exercise Programme events.

16 - 27 MayAlbania, Poland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia


The main aim of the exercise is to evaluate the combat readiness of the assigned forces and to implement the operational tasks by staff and units. The exercise scenario focuses on the operations with the framework of conventional military conflict. The main focus is on land units and the Air force is Secondary Training Audience (STA). The exercise will be conducted in conjunction with Latvian exercise NAMEJS and MND-N exercise KNIGHT LEGION.

16 May - 3 Jun Estonia


Annual Turkish Navy exercise to train participants in planning, conducting and assessment of Submarine Escape and Rescue (SMER) in order to improve and enhance interoperability among rescue elements from different countries.

22 - 27 MayEastern Mediterranean


BALTOPS is an annual USEUCOM scheduled multinational maritime exercise hosted by the United States, conducted to improve cooperation and coordination among Baltic Sea countries. BALTOPS is the premier maritime exercise in the Baltic Sea Region.

4 - 17 JunWestern Baltic Sea


Multilateral training land exercise hosted by Romanian Land Forces is aimed to maintain and increase interoperability between NATO Allies.

20 Jun - 5 JulRomania


Maritime exercise to enhance the collective crisis response operations in order to train generic naval tasks such as maritime power projection, sea control and maritime security awareness.

13 - 24 JunStrait of Gibraltar, Western Atlantic


Land exercise to train and improve the battalion HQ interoperability and combat capabilities to plan and conduct operations in multinational environment.

1  - 30 JulBulgaria


Northern Coasts 22 portrays a maritime heavy operation incorporating all naval domains in order to provide primary warfare area training from Task Force to Unit level within a high threat and littoral environment. The multinational participation will enhance interoperability, mitigate operational gaps and provide synergy effects. This exercise is aimed to strengthen the cooperation amongst the Navies in the Baltic Region.

9 - 21 SepBaltic Sea

MAVI BALINA 22 (linked to exercise Dynamic Mariner 22)

Mavi Balina (Blue Whale) is a biennial maritime exercise organised and hosted by the Turkish Navy, focused on anti-submarine warfare. It gives a unique opportunity to train Allied anti-submarine war-fighting skills in a highly demanding scenario and will certify TURMARFOR HRF (M) and Spanish Commander Amphibious Task Force (CATF) in 2023.

11 - 22 SepEastern Mediterranean


Italian-led joint, maritime focused exercise open to Allied and NATO countries with the aim of enhancing the participating assets' combat readiness.

12 - 28 OctTyrrhenian Sea and Sardinia


Joint multinational exercise, which provides the opportunity to enhance the open cooperation of navies for ensuring safe navigation routes with a focus on discovery and neutralization of underwater hazards such as sea mines. Overall objective is to improve tactical level planning of MCM (Mine Countermeasure) operations, and to enhance interoperability, cooperation and mutual understanding of participating units and commands.

4 - 11 NovBlack Sea, Bulgaria


USAREUR directed Multinational Exercise focused on Multinational unified land operations and promotes both the interoperability and integration of multinational partners. Exercise consists of a brigade command post exercise (CPX), fire coordination exercise and combined arms live fire exercise (CALFEX) within a Field Training Exercise (FTX).

15 Nov - 15 DecGermany

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