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High School students teach Lithuanian to eFP Battlegroup soldiers

RUKLA, Lithuania - A group of soldiers from the NATO enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup in Lithuania have been taking part in a Lithuanian language course conducted by local students at a high school in Jonava.

Lieutenant Colonel René Braun, commander of the Battlegroup, who attended one of the lessons, said that it is important for the soldiers be able to interact with the society of the host nation. "And when they can go to our kitchen during lunch times and say "Laba diena" (good afternoon) to the staff, it brings smiles to their face as well. So everybody benefit," said Braun.

Jeronimo Ralio high school, close to the enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania base in Rukla, hosted the course with 13 students teaching. Although it is virtually impossible to learn a language properly in only four lessons – let alone a difficult language like Lithuanian – the soldiers learned some phrases and words useful in Lithuanian daily life. To start with, expressions like "ačiū" (thank you) and "Geros dienos" (have a nice day) can come in handy.

The school director, Arūnas Rimkus, was very pleased with the course, adding it was very beneficial to the students, both educationally and socially. He hoped that the same would apply to the members of the battlegroup.

In all, four lessons were held, with the last course taking place on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018. This is the second time members of the Battlegroup attended such a course.

Story by enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup Lithuania

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