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Jun 11 2019

Exercise Iron Wolf underway in Lithuania

RUKLA, Lithuania - Over 4,000 troops from 10 NATO nations are currently taking part in Exercise Iron Wolf, a field training exercise organised by the Lithuanian Iron Wolf Brigade, in the Pabrade training area in Lithuania.  

“Our aim of the exercise is to integrate all of combined arms into a common battle system capable of effective planning, deployment to the battle field and successful battle fight against aggressor. It is our largest exercise this semester that gives us the opportunity to train together with our allies,” said the Commander of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf Colonel Mindaugas Steponavičius.          

ironwolf3-Hg6Hw1 The main objective of the exercise is to train and assess the ability to plan and complete defensive actions, as well as interoperability in joint operations with allies and partners of the Iron Wolf Brigade.

Units are training operations together as well as force-on-force field training.  The exercise will be the framework for the In Theatre Readiness Inspection, confirming the readiness of the Battlegroup.


The enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battle Group Lithuania, which is part of the Lithuanian Iron Wolf Brigade, is also participating. This is the next level for the Battle Group following exercise Eager Leopard, which was conducted in April.

The exercise continues until June 22nd.

Story by enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Lithuania     

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