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About Deter and Defend

NATO’s enduring aim is to safeguard the security of our one billion citizens, and to defend our shared values: democracy, freedom, and the international rules that promote peace and prevent war.

Today our defensive Alliance is facing complex challenges – assertive authoritarian regimes, terrorism, cyber and missile threats, climate change and disruptive technologies. In response, we are undertaking our largest adaptation since the Cold War, including the implementation of ‘The Concept for Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area’, or more simply, ‘Deter and Defend.’

Our ‘Deter and Defend’ strategy is flexible, tailorable, and adaptable to the diverse challenges across the Euro-Atlantic area. It unites NATO in common collective defence, preserves our security, and defends all Allies.
- Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Christopher G. Cavoli

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