SHAPE 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe being hosted in Mons, Belgium. We are proud to participate and host events throughout the year to further celebrate this accomplishment. For more information, such as event time and places and more information regarding this milestone, please see below.

The meaning behind the logo 

The SHAPE 50 Anniversary logo highlights the relationship between Mons and SHAPE, a bond that has grown between the Montoise populations and SHAPIANS for half a century. 

The SHAPE Crest, to the left, reflects the 28 nations in Allied Command Operations that headquarters here. 

The Mons logo, to the right, with "culture is here” represents Mons, recognised as one of two Cultural Capitals of Europe in 2015.

The number 50 shows the years SHAPE has been hosted within Mons. The black zero shadowed by the yellow and red reflection, represents the national colours of Belgium. The zero also frames a stylised portrayal of the Mons Belfry, another symbol of the host city.  

The Mons Belfry was listed as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Heritage Site in 1999, more than 300 years after its creation (built between 1661 and 1672). Belgium's only Baroque belfry reaches into the sky at 87 meters tall and was formerly part of the town's defence system. Historically, its bells would ring throughout Mons in case of a fire and to notify the city of incoming attacks.

The bottom line again highlights the Belgium national colours, an honour given to the host nation.

Throughout the year, more information may be found at the AFN Benelux Facebook page and Mons city page.


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