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Mar 8 2022

Norway ensures efficient movement of NATO troops and equipment during Brilliant Jump

OSLO – The Norwegian Armed Forces is facilitating an efficient movement of NATO Allied military personnel and equipment throughout southern Norway during Exercise Brilliant Jump 22 currently underway in the country.

The Norwegian Defense Logistics Organisation (NDLO) is coordinating and executing the ground movement of hundreds of vehicles, supplies and troops that are arriving in Norway by sea and air. The port of Fredrikstad is the main point of entry for material while Gardermoen Airport near Oslo is also being utilized as the main hub for arrival of personnel. Once in country, NATO Allied Forces and equipment will move by road to staging areas and further on to training locations throughout the country.

Archive Image - After rail transport from Germany to Norway, the Hägglunds BV 206 tracked vehicles of the german 232nd Mountain Infantry Battalion (Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232) to be unloaded in Røros. NATO exercise Trident Juncture in Norway, Røros on Oct. 16, 2018. - JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

"Brilliant Jump 2022 is a great training opportunity not only for the visiting Allied Forces. NDLO, including the Norwegian Joint Logistics Support Group, the Home Guard and Host Units from several Armed Forces Branches all contribute to logistics and host nation support operations," said NDLO Deputy Commander Brigadier General Håkon Warø. Brigadier General Warø also emphasised the importance of Norwegian civilian authorities and partners to make this complex operation possible.

Approximately 3,300 troops are participating in Exercise Brilliant Jump 22 until Mar. 17. The exercise is one of NATO's main exercises of the year involving naval, air and land forces from across the Alliance.

This long planned exercise demonstrates the readiness and mobility of the NATO Response Force. Furthermore, the exercising of the rapid deployment to Norway enhances the interoperability of Allies.

This year, Exercise Brilliant Jump will lead directly into the bi-yearly Norwegian-led Exercise Cold Response 2022, which runs until Apr. 1. Cold Response is a defensive exercise under a NATO Article 5 scenario. The aim is to train the reinforcement of Allies under challenging climatic conditions, enhancing the readiness and capabilities of the participating forces. Up to 30,000 troops from 27 nations will participate, including NATO partner nations, Finland and Sweden.

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