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Mar 14 2022

Exercise Brilliant Jump 22 - a keystone exercise for NATOs Response Force

OSLO – Exercise Brilliant Jump 22, currently underway in southern Norway, is the cornerstone exercise for the Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC) France as the NATO Response Force (NRF) Land Component Command (LCC) for 2022.

We have to always be ready and Brilliant Jump 22 is the best venue to showcase our readiness and preparedness

During the exercise, RRC – France will highlight their readiness and rapid deployable capabilities, focusing on its command and control procedures in operations, intelligence and logistics.

RYGGE, Norway - French and Norwegian troops prepare vehicles and equipment for transport as part of NATO's long-planned Exercise Brilliant Jump 2022. Allied troops are arriving as part of the NATO Response Force's High Readiness Element in Norway in support of the rapid deployment and mobility exercise in the challenging conditions of the host nation. The arrival was supported by Norwegian security forces. The joint and multinational nature of NATO training and deployments demonstrates our determination and ability to act as one unified force in response to any threat. -NATO Photo by DEU Sergeant Justine Fischer

"We have to always be ready and Brilliant Jump 22 is the best venue to showcase our readiness and preparedness," said Belgian Army, Brigadier General Olefs, Initial Command Element (ICE) Commander.

A fully operational ICE, precursor element of the main LCC headquarters, ready to command the very high readiness elements deployed to an Area of Operations is their main objective for Brilliant Jump.

Not only will RRC – France, and specifically ICE, participate in Brilliant Jump they will also take part in Norwegian-led exercise Cold Response. Once ICE is fully operational it will oversee land operations for Cold Response.

Approximately 3,300 troops from 12 NATO nations are participating in exercise Brilliant Jump until Mar. 17. Naval, air and land forces are exercising their abilities to deploy rapidly while integrating with forces from the Host Nation.

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