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Sweden National Military Representative

Colonel Anders Inge Byrén

Date of Birth6 September 1965, Lindesberg, Sweden
RankColonel (OF-5)
FamilyChildren: Christoffer (b. 1996), Alexander (b. 1999), Isabelle (b. 2004) and Christian (b. 2007)
Present AssignmentNational Military Representative (NMR) to SHAPE, Belgium
LanguagesSwedish (mother tongue). English and French fluently. German and Hungarian beginner’s level.

Previous Assignments:

2020 - 2024Partner National Military Representative (PNMR) to NATO ACO at SHAPE, Belgium
2016 - 2020Dep Head Military Strategic Operations Planning Section, Policy & Plans Department,
Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters. (From 2020 Deputy PNMR to NATO ACO)
2013 - 2016Strategic Exercise Planner, Operations Planning Section, Swedish Armed Forces HQ
2008 - 2013Military Adviser, Permanent Delegation of Sweden to the OSCE, Vienna (Austria)
2008ACOS Arms Control Division, Joint Forces Command, Swedish Armed Forces HQ
2007Staff Officer, International and Strategic Department, Swedish Armed Forces HQ
2005 - 2007DCO Norrbotten Mech Brigade and CO Norrbotten Armoured Battalion
2005Staff Officer, Coordination and Management, Swedish Armed Forces HQ
2004 - 2005Military Adviser to SRSG, UN Office for West Africa, UNOWA, (Senegal/West Africa)
2003Current Operations 1/J3, EU Operation HQ, Operation Artemis (France/Congo)
2002 - 2004Staff Officer, Arms Control, Strategic Planning Directorate, Swedish Armed Forces HQ
2001 - 2002Assistant Defence Attaché, Paris (France)
1996 - 1998 CO Infantry Battalion/CO Combat Engineer Company, 2nd Inf Bde, Kristinehamn
1994 - 1995CO Infantry Company, 2nd Inf Bde, Kristinehamn
1994Mechanized Infantry Platoon Leader, UNPROFOR (Bosnia-Hercegovina)
1987 - 1994Instructor/Platoon Leader, 3rd Inf Bde, 33rd Inf Bde, 2nd Inf Bde, Örebro/Karlstad

Military Education:

2020NATO Introduction to Military Partnership Course (FINCENT, online)
2019Higher Course in Society’s Crisis Preparedness and Total Defence, National Defence University, Stockholm
2012Language Course, French, Avignon (France)
2002Arms Control Implementation Course, NATO School/SHAPE, Oberammergau (Germany)
2001Brevet Militaire de Parachutiste, École des Troupes Aéroportées, Pau (France)
2000 - 2001Brevet d’Études Militaires Supérieures,Collège Interarmées de Défense, École Militaire, Paris
2000Language Course, French, École Militaire, Paris (France)
1998 - 2000Advanced Staff Course, National Defence College, Stockholm
1996Battalion Commander Course, Mech/Inf, Armoured Troops Centre, Skövde
1995 - 1996Staff Course, National Defence College, Stockholm
1992 - 1993War Academy, (Company Commander), Infantry Combat School, Borensberg
1989 - 1990War Academy, Basic Course Army, Stockholm
1986 - 1987Infantry Officers’ Academy, Halmstad
1984 - 1985Military Service, Life Regiment’s Grenadiers, Örebro

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