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Spain National Military Representative

Rear Admiral Vicente Cuquerella

Rear Admiral Vicente Cuquerella was born in Madrid in 1967. He joined the Naval Academy in 1986 and received his commission in 1991.

In 1994, after concluding his training as naval pilot, was assigned to the aircraft squadrons in Rota, where he flew the different models of AV8 Harrier. In 2005, he completed the ACSC8 Staff Course in UK with the award of best international student.

Throughout his career, he served on board different ships (amphibious, frigates, corvettes, minesweepers and minehunters), commanding four of them (minesweeper "Genil”, minehunter “Turia”, frigate "Navarra” and LPD “Castilla”). He participated in SNMCMG-2 and in SNMG-2 and deployed in different NATO and EU operations and missions such as “Desert Storm” “Active Endeavour”, “OUP Libya”, “EUNAVFOR Sophia” and “ATALANTA”.

Ashore, he covered various posts of staff officer in the SP Navy HQ (Logistics and Plans branches), the Ministry of Defense (Policy and International Relations branch) and the MC HQ Naples (N7-Exercises).

In 2019, he took the role of Chief of Cabinet to the SPN CNO until July 2022 when he was promoted to Rear Admiral.

In August 2022, he assumed the role of Spanish NMR to SACEUR.

Rear Admiral Vicente Cuquerella is married to Montse. They have two daughters and five sons.

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