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Slovenia National Military Representative

Colonel Peter Starc

Colonel Peter Starc was born in Koper, Slovenia in 1971. 

After finishing the University of Ljubljana in 1997, he commissioned through the Slovenian Officer Candidate School as 2nd LT in 1998. 

Upon his initial service at the SVN Naval Detachment, serving on a Super Dvora Mk 2, he was assigned to the SVN 10th infantry battalion, where he commanded at platoon and company level. 

Upon staff assignments, he commanded the 10th infantry regiment and deployed as contingent commander to KFOR. 

Promoted to the rank of Colonel in 2015, he is graduate of the Joint Combined Warfighting School at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk and the NATO Defense College in Rome. Completed military education at the US Army Infantry School in Ft. Benning and the Canadian Army Command and Staff College in Kingston. 

He served at staff level both at the Slovenian Force Command and General Staff level. 

His operational deployments were two tours in SFOR Bosnia, two tours in KFOR Kosovo and a tour of duty in ISAF Afghanistan, as OMLT. 

During the military conflict for the Slovenian national independence in 1991, he joined the Slovenian Territorial Defense. 

Served as DNMR at SHAPE since August 2019. On May 2021, assumed the duties of SVN NMR to SHAPE.

Assignments and ranks:

1997/1998 Officer Candidate School, 2nd Lieutenant.

1998/2001 Naval Detachment, Fast Patrol Boat 2IC.

2001/2002 10th Infantry battalion, platoon leader recruits initial training, 1st Lieutenant; SFOR 6 months deployment.

2002/2004 10th Infantry battalion, infantry company commander, Captain; SFOR 6 months deployment.

2004/2007 10th Infantry battalion, battalion executive officer, Major; KFOR 4 months deployment.

2008/2012 Force Command, head G37 training branch, Lieutenant-Colonel; ISAF 8 months deployment.

2012/2014 10th Infantry regiment, infantry regiment commander, Lieutenant-Colonel; KFOR 6 months deployment; SVN Contingent Commander.

2014/2016 SVN General Staff, head J7 training and exercise branch, Colonel.

2016/2017 NATO Defence College, Senior Course 129.

2017/2019 SVN Force Command, head J5 planning branch.

2019 SHAPE Deputy NMR.


Decorations include the Slovenian MoD Medal of General Maister and the US Meritorious Service Medal. Fluent in English and Italian, understands Croatian and Serbian. Married to Ines, father of two boys.

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