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Romania National Military Representative

Major General Dobre Constantin

Major General Dobre Constantin graduated "Aurel Vlaicu" Air Force Officer School and won his first commission in 1988. Early on, he was selected for 86th Air Flotilla, were was specialized as Pilot and Chief Pilot - for 86th Fighter Regiment, Patrol Leader and Chief of Reconnaissance - for 86th Fighter Group.

After graduating Romanian National Defence University in 2001 (Academy of High Military Studies at that time), he was appointed Chief Instructor (flight safety) in the 86th Air Flotilla, where he contributed to the learning and training of many pilots generations.

Starting 2003, he was promoted Deputy Squadron Commander (flight training and combat employment). From 2004 to 2009 he also held the position of Air-to-Air Fighter Squadron Commander. Both positions were commisioned by 86th Air Flotilla.

In March 2009 he became Deputy-Commander of 86th Air Flotilla and four month later he achieved the highest position in the unit, as Commander.

From July 2012, he is Commander of Air Operational Component and, beginning with 31st of December 2015, simultaneously in charge with Deputy for the Chief of Romanian Air Force Staff.

His military education includes a Course for Patrol Leaders (1994), Course for Squadron Commanders (1999), Advanced English Course (2004), Advanced Joint Combined Operation Course (2007), Air War College, US (2007-2008), Communication and Public Affairs Course for senior commanders (2009), Postgraduate Course, national security and defense "Security and Good Governance"(2010).

In his career, he received Honorary Token "In Service of the Army" for 15, 20 and 25 years of service; National Order "Aeronautical Virtue", Knight Rank; Emblem "Honor of the Romanian Armed Forces" with peace token and Romanian Air Force Emblem of Honor.

Major General Dobre is a first class jet pilot and flight instructor accumulating over 980 flight hours out of which more than 850 with MiG-21 LanceR and his personal interests also include literature, traveling, music.

He is married with 3 children, aged 32, 29 and 24.

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