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Croatia National Military Representative

Colonel Alen Bigava

Service / Rank: Navy / Colonel (OF-5)
Birth / Place of Birth:1969 / Split, Croatia
Service / Specialisation: Navy / Amphibious Warfare
On active duty:June 1991
Current duty:Croatian National Military Representative at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
Work Experience:SOF Coy Commander; Marine Bn Commander; Infantry Regiment Chief of Staff / Deputy Commander; HRV Navy HQ – N5, Defense Planning – Branch Head; HRV Navy HQ – N5, MILCOOP – Branch Head; HRV Navy Training Centre – Doctrine Development Division; JFC Naples – J5, Plans Branch-SO Amphibious Planner; Head of the Croatian Navy Commander's Office; HRV Navy HQ – Head of Plans (N5)
Awards / Medals:Commendations from; President of the Republic of Croatia, Minister of Defense, Chief of Defense (6), Navy Commander (3), COM JFC Naples Medals; Order of Vice Roy Jelačić, Order of Croatian Three-Strand, Order of Croatian Trefoil, Homeland War Memorial Medal, Homeland Gratitude Memorial for meritorious service (2), HRV Armed Forces Medal (silver), NATO Non-Article 5 Medal for Operation "Unified Protector"
Education:Military; USMC Command and Staff College, HRV Military-Diplomatic School, U.S. Naval War College -Naval Command College
Civilian; LL.M.
Marital status:Married, has two daughters
Hobbies:Sailing, fishing

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