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Brigadier General Taner Sağiroğlu was born in Elazığ/Turkey in 1968. He graduated from Military High School in 1986 and, Army Academy in 1990. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Artillery Corps.
Brigadier General Sağiroğlu served in field artillery units as platoon and battery commander in various units until he attended Turkish Army War College in 2000. Upon completing general staff officer training, he commanded mechanised infantry battalion and served as deputy commander of a commando brigade.
In addition to these assignments Brigadier General Sağiroğlu also served as staff officer positions at different levels of Turkish Military and, NATO to include chief of operations, intelligence and, staff of various brigades, directing staff at Turkish Army War College and, Joint Command and Staff College, exercise and training officer of SHAPE J2 and chief of staff of Multinational Joint Warfare Centre/Turkey. As a liaison officer he has participated in "Operation Provide Comfort” later to be named as "Operation Northern Watch” on Incirlik Air Base/ Turkey and SFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
His military education includes Turkish Artillery Officer Course, military leadership courses, NATO Staff Officer Orientation Course, NATO Intelligence Course, Turkish Army War College, Joint Command and Staff College and, National Defence University/Islamabad/PAKISTAN. He holds two Masters’ degree from K.U. Leuven University/BELGIUM (European Politics and Policies) and NDU/Islamabad (International Security and War). He is currently following a PhD programme on International Security.
He is married with two children.

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