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Strategic Enablement

Major General Luis Lanchares

Major General Luis Lanchares was born in Madrid in 1960. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1979, as an Infantry Lieutenant. He served most of his time as a Lieutenant in the Ortiz de Zarate Paratroopers Battalion, as a platoon leader. He graduated from the Advance Infantry Course at the U.S. Infantry Academy in 1992 and the Advance Course on Intelligence and Security at the Army Intelligence School in 1994, which lead him to command the Intelligence Coy in the Paratroopers Brigade.

He served as Chief of Operations at the Roger de Lauria Paratroopers Battalion and after earning a diploma from the Staff Course in 1998, he served in the Plans and Operations Area at the Rapid Reaction Force Division.

As a Lieutenant Colonel, he served at the Army Situation Center in the Army Staff Operations Division and as Chief of Staff of the Paratroopers Brigade Headquarters.

He promoted to Colonel and served as a team member at the Army Deputy Chief of Staff Studies Unit developing the Infrastructures Rationalization Plan of the Ministry of Defense. For his next assignment, he served as the Regiment Commander in the Spanish Legion 4th Regiment Alejandro Farnesio. He also served at the Planning and International Relations General Subdirectorate of the Defence Policy Directorate at the Ministry of Defense.

After promoting to Brigadier General, he was assigned to the Army Training Command and Doctrine and soon afterwards, he was appointed Commandant of the General Military Academy, holding this post for two years.

Specific experience and work within the scope of the UN include a tour at UNAVEM II Angola, serving in different posts such as Team Leader and Operations Officer at the Headquarters of The Mission in Luanda and as Chief of Staff of Sector East in UNIFIL mission in Lebanon. His experience under NATO framework includes a post at the headquarters of the Western Multinational Brigade in Pee as the Planning Deputy for KFOR (Kosovo), and at ISAF Western Region Headquarters in Herat as the Planning Commander.

As a native speaker of Spanish, Major General Lanchares is fluent in English (SLP and French(SLP and is a graduate of the Lli Course of International Superior Studies at the Society of International Studies in Madrid. In 2018, he completed a Masters degree program in Peace, Security and Defense. 

Major General Lanchares is married and has three children.

Current as of September 7, 2018

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