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NATO Commander's Legal Advisor

Director of the ACO Office of Legal Affairs

Mr Andres B. Munoz Mosquera

Mr Andres B. Munoz Mosquera is one of the three NATO senior legal advisors. Mr Munoz Mosquera joined NATO in year 2000 as a civilian and he is the NATO Commander’s Legal Advisor (Director of the ACO/SHAPE Office of Legal Affairs) since 2014. He served in the Spanish Armed Forces in two cavalry regiments as secretario de causas (case officer/paralegal) and tank commander until 1991. He is a reserve officer at the Spanish elite unit La Legion.

From 1991 to 1999 he worked at the Spanish CHOD as a permanent member of the Spanish inter-ministerial delegation before the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).In 1994 he deployed in Bosnia i Herzegovina and performed press information duties for General Rose. He was involved in the negotiation of anti-sniping agreements and exchange of prisoners and corpses in the area of Sarajevo. In years 1997 and 1998 he was assigned, as a counter-intelligence officer to the identification and collection of evidence of war crimes committed between 1991-1995. He has been involved in rule of law matters since 2000 and has developed the SHAPE’s concept of legal intelligence and operations (legal vigilance). Formerly, he has been dual-hatted legal advisor for the NATO Airborne Early Warning (NAEW) Commander and for the NATO Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ), as well as judge at the EU SatCen Appeals Board.

Mr Munoz Mosquera is author of numerous academic publications relating to international law and international relations. He is a visiting professor in several universities. He held a fellow at the Marine Corps University and at the Reichman University. He is a member of the Society of the Military Law and Law of War, the Madrid Bar Association and he is also a CCB European Lawyer.

He holds an Honor Graduate for his academic achievement at the Keesler Technical Centre, USA. He holds the Madrid Bar Award for his works on legal resilience. Mr Munoz Mosquera has been awarded several decorations, among them: the NATO meritorious medal, and the French Republic medal of the Ex-Yugoslavie. He is Caballero de la Orden de San Hermenegildo, and Caballero de la Imperial Orden de Carlos V.

Mr Munoz Mosquera is a graduate from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts) and from the NATO Defense College (GFOAC). He is a PhD candidate at Leiden University.

Currently part-time.

Updated January 2024

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