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Rapid Air Mobility (RAM)

At the 2018 NATO Brussels Summit, Allied Heads of State and Government declared initial operational capability for NATO's Rapid Air Mobility initiative, enabling Allied military aircraft to deploy swiftly and on short notice across Europe, when activated during crises.

It was activated for the first time by the North Atlantic Council on Mar. 31, 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been used to support relief flights carrying supplies critical to the fight against the pandemic. The first of these flights took place on Apr. 10, facilitating the delivery of medical supplies and personal protective equipment from Turkey to the United Kingdom.

COVID-19 RAM flights incorporate all the same elements of the original intent (NATO call sign, fast-track diplomatic clearance and no route restrictions imposed by EUROCONTROL), but are focused on the rapid transport of medical supplies and other COVID-19 capabilities, such as personnel, using military aircraft. The activation of the RAM flights is a non-permanent arrangement, the duration of which is determined by the North Atlantic Council, through periodic reviews.

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