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NATO Days in Ukraine

MONS, Belgium – The Deputy Chief of Staff Military Partnerships Directorate, Major General Odd Egil Pedersen, was in Ukraine from Oct. 24 to 27 briefing future leaders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) on NATO-Ukraine co-operation.

Major General Pederson was accompanied by a team from both Allied Command Operations (ACO) and Allied Command Transformation (ACT). They visited several UAF Officer Academies and Institutes in Odessa, Kiev and Lviv, and also received a detailed maritime briefing from the Commander-In Chief of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice Admiral Ihor Voronchenko.

The purpose of the visit was to provide an in-depth understanding of the importance of the NATO-Ukraine relationship as well as Security Sector Reform, the Comprehensive Assistance Package and NATO operations.


Deputy Chief of Staff Military Partnerships Directorate, Major General Odd Egil Pedersen, was in Ukraine recently for NATO Days briefing future leaders on NATO-Ukraine cooperation - Photo by Ukraine Ministry of Defence 

"I have been hugely impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of the UAF officer cadets who displayed a genuine hunger for many subjects, and are clearly well informed," said Major General Pedersen from the Norwegian Army. "My team and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the students personally and were able to listen to cadets who have been engaged in defending Ukrainian Sovereign territory in the Donbass region. The cadets' passion, focus and willingness to serve their country was very evident and the exchange of views were both frank and fruitful," he added.

NATO Days in Ukraine is a key component of Ukraine's willingness to reform and throughout the visits and briefings the Ukrainian chain of command amplified how relevant and essential such visits were to both the authorities and students. Following the Warsaw Summit, the value of such partnerships was not only reinforced, but enhanced by the North Atlantic Council, with Ukraine's contribution to both NATO operations and exercise opportunities equally appreciated.

"My team and I have taken away some very valuable discussion points for further consideration, but I am in no doubt that NATO's support to Ukraine, in supporting democracy and Ukraine's right to decide its own future are vital," concluded Major General Pedersen.

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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