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KFOR completes disaster relief efforts near Skopje

PRISTINA, Kosovo – Engineering and transport specialists from KOSOVO FORCE (KFOR) returned to base on Friday, Aug.19, 2016 following flood disaster relief efforts near Skopje, North Macedonia.

KFOR's Swiss and Austrian contingent personnel were deployed to the area on Aug.10 following a request for support from local authorities.  The eighteen personnel arrived to the stricken area of Stajkovci with loaders, excavators and dumper trucks.

Colonel Arnold Staudacher, commander JLSG of KFOR was pleased with the swift action that KFOR conducted in order to help the most vulnerable residents of the village. "The operation of eliminating the consequences of floods in North Macedonia is very unique, for me personally also, because the engineers from here were immediately engaged. Everything went very well, and as a commander, I am very happy that the decision-making process moved quickly, so we could immediately react and provide assistance to the local population," said Staudacher.

Kosovo Force Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta expressed his appreciation for the very high level of professionalism and readiness demonstrated by the KFOR staff. 

During their deployment, KFOR specialists worked day and night to restore movement and links between the villages in the vicinity of Skopje that were damaged following torrential rains and extreme flooding. 

"We express our gratitude to the members of KFOR for the generous support that they provided to the Macedonian citizens and to the units that jointly helped those who lost everything they had in the storm", stated Lieutenant Colonel Toni Jenevski, spokesperson of the General Staff of the Army of North Macedonia.

The KFOR disaster relief support mission is fully compliant and complimentary with KFOR's stated mission to enhance peace, stability and security within the Balkan region. 

KFOR has led the peace-support operation in Kosovo since 1999. Currently approximately 5000 troops are serving with the mission, which continues in helping to maintain a safe and secure environment in Kosovo, as mandated by the UN Security Council resolution 1244.

Story by KFOR HQ

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