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Exercise Cold Response 2016 wraps up in Norway

MONS, Belgium - Exercise Cold Response 2016, a Norwegian-led exercise designed to train a large multi-national force, has concluded following over 2 weeks of high intensity operations.  

This year's exercise included land, maritime and air assets, covering a wide spectrum of scenarios with military assets from 12 Allied nations and 2 Partner nations taking part.   The main objective was to exercise extreme operations in a joint and combined setting under challenging conditions, focusing on joint action and interoperability.


Commander of the Norwegian Joint Headquarters Lieutenant General Rune Jakobsen in conversation with foreign colleagues during exercise Cold Response 2016 - Photo courtesy of Torbjørn Kjosvold/Forsvaret  

"I am very pleased with the focus by all exercise participants on enhancing interoperability, and exchanging ideas with respect to winter warfare skills," said Norwegian General Rune Jakobsen, Exercise Controller. "This is a demanding environment and as such an ideal training opportunity. Although many Alliance participants have such operating experience in sub-zero temperatures, the 2 Partner nations Finland and Sweden have added a whole new dimension," he added.

Although specifically designed to enhance defensive capability, the participants undertake the roles of attacker and defender and then swop roles in order to practice many operational skills and tactics. This freedom of manoeuvre approach within the exercise scenario has already reaped tremendous benefits.

Taking place over large areas of Norway, the exercise involved the civil population and civil authorities, including detachments of environmental officers overseeing all activity.

"The importance of this exercise is not lost on the Norwegian people and I am very pleased with the co-operation at all levels," said General Jakobsen. Adding, "The exercise is allowed to be conducted in areas of population, and as a result our people have seen at first hand the military professionalism of all those taking part. The exercise has been a tremendous success.''

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

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